The office and warehouse centre was designed by the architecture company “Kubs” whose design and planning ideas have been welcomed not only by our tenants, but also by professionals. We invite you to enjoy the uniqueness of the buildings' exterior and interior yourself.


In 2005 the office centre “Baltais vējš” was the winner of the Latvian architecture show in the category New buildings – public buildings. Architects: D. Putniņa, P. Venckovičs, M. Shackles, D. Krēsliņa, R. Jansson.

Combination of materials
Office and warehouse centre “Baltais vējš” is made of glass, wood and white concrete. Their mutual play of interpretation unravels answers to the concepts "white" and "wind". Presence of water in the interior embodies the tireless flow of water, time.

Enduring values
Glass, wood and concrete (the materials used in the building design) were fashionable materials some time ago, they are still relevant today, and it is likely, that these materials will be highly valued in the future.

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